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Invitations can be customized to a variety of sizes. In order to determine, which size will be best for your invitation, it is best to start off with the sizes of envelopes available. Once you know what sizes that the invitation must be mailed in, the main invitation card can be sized accordingly.
The chart below shows the common sizes of envelopes. You will want to make your invitation sized accordingly to the largest envelope that it will be fitting in.


All measurements in inches: .125 = 1/8 | .25 = 1/4 | .375 = 3/8 | .5 = 1/2 | .625 = 5/8 | .875 = 7/8

These envelope sizes apply specifically to the United States.

Inner & Outer Envelopes
You can either send your invitation inside an inner envelope which is mailed inside an outside envelope. Or you can mail the invitation directly inside a single envelope. The advantage of using an inner and outer envelope is the inner envelope stays clean during mailing and as a keepsake for the recipient. Sending the invitation without an inner envelope is more cost efficient. If choosing to use inner and outer envelopes, there are some limitations. Not all companies make all the colors/textures available in the inner/outer envelope option. But there are still plenty of great choices.

Response Envelopes
Many of our customers include self addressed stamped envelopes to allow the invitee to indicate whether or not they will be attending the event. The sizes of these envelopes is usually 4 Bar.

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