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Modern letterpress technique combines the very old with the very new.

Letterpress dominated printing for over 500 years, after Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type along with the first mechanical press in the mid-1400s.

The manufacturers of letterpresses stopped producing new units in the 1960s and 70s.

My press was made in 1950, other than a few modern improvements, these old presses are operated with the same technique used for hundreds of years.

Original Plates, wood type and metal type are still in use, but I don’t have any,  I use photo-polymer plates. Photo-polymer plates are made from computer generated artwork, thus allowing for more versatility. Any art and text  assembled on your computer can be made into a plate. Clean line art is the best, but even gradient images letterpress tolerably well. Text of course prints amazingly and is what letterpress is known for… Type with texture.

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