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Egads! Are you a troglodyte? No civilized person should ever have to write their own address on an envelope. Sure you could use those self-adhesive address labels you get from the Easter Seals or from some other group looking for a donation. But really?? They have horrid pictures on them!

Ok, well, the point is...personalized note cards! I love them. I love to give them as gifts. My favorite kind just have the name on the card, and the address on the envelope.

I truthfully feel that every refined person needs some. To send off a quick note, etc. Everyone will give you more cachet with personalized note cards. It adds a level of sophistication that is really so easily attained. And of course, to have your personalized note cards done in letterpress...even more so. Oh, really, how have you gone so long without some?

Take a look at our Signature Designs.



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